#21spiritart is an intuitive art by Lijana Kikilasvili.



Art is her refuge and therapy, a coping tool for the highly sensitive empath that she is. All of her art pieces are charged with: angelic harmonics (4096/4160/4225 Hz), reiki, full moon energies, prayer and spoken/chanted light language.



Wrapped in the wings of the angels.

The wings of love, healing, and protection.

The sky above me, the Earth below me, the fire within me.

I am a vehicle of light.

A container of love that carries forth the torch to light up your soul.

Together we lift up the veil and bring more light to

the four corners of the Earth.


In Lak'ech Ala K'in


Author Lijana Kikilasvili (acrylic on canvas)







It is through Creator's Grace that we are here. Grace will move you from exhaustion and put you into a better place. It is continueous Divine intervention that ultimately transforms your life every single time. 




Author Lijana Kikilasvili (Acrylic on canvas)


"The Ancestors"

November 11, 2021


During the Day of the Dead, I held a personal ancestral circle to call on and honor my lineage. I started this piece that day. Today is 11_11 portal, I have finished painting "The Ancestors" in honor of my ancestral line, including my star family.


The symbolism in the center represents "Saulala Motula" - in ancient Lithuanian dialect meaning "Mother Sun" (Sun is feminine in my language); this swastika is my rendition of our pagan baltic symbol, representing the Sun, the fire, the life cycle, the wheel of life (as long as it spins, there is life, there is light).


©️Lijana Kikilasvili



Introduction to nature spirits through photography



August 9, 2020 by Lijana Kikilasvili




Offerings to nature spirits:


When you take a walk, be it in the woods, by the beach, park, mountainside, or sacred site, you may always bring an offering to nature spirits. There are ways of approaching and doing things in love, through love, and with love, always. Be it elemental nature spirits, fae kin, or any other spirit such as the spirit of the land or water, a guardian, a keeper, an elder, or a warrior. They don't complicate things as we do.


All have their mission and purpose to dwell in their respective dwelling space/world or worlds. They are here and there and don't always wish to show themselves to anyone just like dragons - they too sense, see, read and feel auras, intents, shields, or lack thereof, including events before they come to pass.


The brighter your light and the purer your intent and heart, the easier it will be for you to connect and work with nature beings. We know that children are pure at heart and, that is why they see, hear and perceive with other senses the beings and in some cases in between worlds, etc. If we as adults were able to keep our child-like spirit unleashed, we would be able to experience all sorts of magical things.


As for the offerings, you can always bring back incense ashes, burnt sage, or other herbal leftovers you burn at your home. Instead of throwing them out, offer them to the land. Flowers or shells or seaweed for the water, exchange of rocks and stones in different areas, sacred tobacco is universal to spirits and can be offered with/without exchange or a request for something from the spirit(s).


The opportunities are nearly endless as long as you ask for permission as a way of building relationships with spirits, be it helper guides or land ancestors, or other spirits. The outside altars usually work well too.


Many times the simple spoken blessing of "I bless you, I love you, I see you, I hear you, I feel you, I thank you..." is very well welcomed. A hug or a touch given to a tree, a bush, grass or rock, or land is an exchange of energy as long as the intent is pure and loving. A chant, a prayer, or soft singing bowl sounds can be offered and are appreciated by the surrounding spirits.


The Spirit world is less complicated than we think it is. And every single soul has a birthright to have that relationship with nature and her spirits.





(All the pictures of nature are mine.) 


Nature Spirits and Light Beings/Orbs



October 11, 2020 by Mythology, Philosophy and Folklore


KODAMA (tree spirit)




Translation: tree spirit


Habitat: deep in untouched forests, inside very old trees.


Diet: none, its life is connected to the life of its host tree.


Appearance: deep in the mountainous forests of Japan, the souls of the trees are animated as spirits called Kodama. These souls wander outside of their hosts, tending to their groves and maintaining the balance of nature. Kodama are rarely ever seen, but are often heard—particularly as echoes that take just a little longer to return than they should. When they do appear, they resemble faint orbs of light in the distance; or occasionally a tiny, funny shaped vaguely humanoid figure. A Kodama’s life force is directly tied to the tree it inhabits; if either the tree or the Kodama dies, the other cannot live.


Interactions: Kodama are revered as gods of the trees and protectors of the forests. They bless the lands around their forest with vitality, and villagers who find a kodama-inhabited tree honor it by marking it with a sacred rope known as a shimenawa. Occasionally, very old trees will bleed when cut, and this is regarded as a sign that a Kodama is living inside. Cutting down such an ancient tree is a grave sin, and can bring down a powerful curse, causing a prosperous community to fall into ruin.




by Lijana Kikilasvili: This old Himalayan Cedar tree has been here for longer than I. I took shelter by this tree last Thursday. Tree spirits are also present in the cities but not all the time. They are usually invisible to us, and rarely show up in pictures.


Kodama Tree Spirit
Kodama Tree Spirit


August 8, 2020 by Lijana Kikilasvili





Dragons & their help during ascension:


Dragons are higher energy from higher planes. They are advanced, ascended beings. They are from the 7th plane, and they used to exist on the 4th plane in their physical form.


They exist as animal spirit guides and have very high perception + intuition. They can sense one's intentions no matter how hard one might try to hide it or overlay with something else. They can sense auras, emotions, and events beforehand. Usually, they won't work with a human who is out of alignment, dishonest or untruthful.


Dragons can help to uncover your path, help guide you in the right direction. They also help remove obstacles, and heighten one's intuition and develop psychic gifts. Dragons come from different planes than angels. But some angels work together with dragons and other spirit guides as a team. Dragons can help you master your self-worth and your belief systems. They can help to recover from or even overcome addiction.


Dragons work with children and help them discover + develop their gifts, especially those on a mission to Earth serving humanity with their innate abilities. Right now, dragons are working with elementals and transmuting dense energies of the planet.  They supercharge grids, leylines, as well protecting and keeping sacred gates of the unseen worlds, parallels, etc. 


Dragons often give downloads, tools, sacred knowledge based on a mission one might have, so they can work closely together as a spirit helper/ally. Many of us have had past lives with dragons and there are tons of confirmation around the world in special sites from different cultures...


The above text is from my personal research across the net including my personal wisdom and experiences of my many dragon guides. We've worked together since 2012. Below are my personal pictures which include dragon beings that one can't perceive with a naked eye, these pictures are mirrored, however not photoshopped.


Tree Dragon Gate Keeper
Tree Dragon Gate Keeper
Dragon Spirit Tree Guardian
Dragon Spirit Tree Guardian
Dragon Spirit Tree Guardian
Dragon Spirit Tree Guardian


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