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Opening word by Lijana Kikilasvili


My Pretty World of Mine 



If we are the containers, what content do we bring to this world? Everyone is their own container and the content that belongs to them. And despite other containers and their own contents, we are only responsible for ours.


What does our container that we are contain? Is it sadness, grief, anger, hatred? Is it love, joy, gratitude, beauty? Despite our experiences and our conditioning, is it possible to change the content? What different story could we tell about ourselves?


We cannot receive what we desire if we are filled with "things" completely opposite to our true values. Who are we in our naked soul? What do we carry within us that does not belong to us? Do we know the difference between the two?


Our stories are part of us, but do not become a definition of who we are. It's how we present ourselves to ourselves and behind closed doors. Because change is never external. It always starts with us first.


A flower grows in all life circumstances. In all unimaginable situations, it always grows, it grows anyway. Life endures, it finds a way to persist. The flower is a container, its content is beauty accessible to all those with whom it comes into contact. And despite the world in which it grows, its content is always beauty. It pours out nothing but beauty.


Even if a child will pluck it and it will fade after a few hours. Its container may be rooted, but the content remains the same. The beauty is the legacy of the flower.


The container that you are will certainly change its appearance over time. And the circumstances will still not be perfect every moment of your life. It wouldn't change the fact that you are the container carrying its own content contributing to the world it creates.


Do yourself a huge favor today. Empty your container of everything that weighs you down, and fill it with beauty, laughter, gratitude, compassion and grace. No, it will not solve your worries, but it will certainly bring what your world needs. Of acceptance. Acceptance that we are not perfect, that nothing belongs to us in this physical world. And above all the acceptance that we have no control over anything. We were born naked and will leave naked. Dot.


May beauty speak to you. May beauty be with you. May beauty bloom within you.


-My pretty world of mine-


Images Lijana Kikilasvili




November 20, 2022 by Lijana Kikilasvili



I AM A Woman



I am a woman of sacredness, I am a sacred woman.

I am a poet who weaves shadow and light into poetry.

I am a woman who sees in-betweens, the behinds, the far, the high, and the low.

I am a seer woman who sees into the soul.


I am an artist, a woman who creates beautiful things out of what's left in ruins.

I am a woman who cries for those who forget that their tears are healers.

I am a woman who heals, I am a medicine woman.


I am a woman who sings and chants to the heavens.

A woman who listens and hears the song of the silence.

I am a mystic woman. The one who knows the signs of spirit.


A woman who interprets, a deliverer of message kind of woman.

I am a traveler woman, an interdimensional nomad.

A woman who walks the upper, middle, and lower worlds.


I am a phoenix woman who raises from the ashes of her own defeat.

I am a jaguar woman, a woman who trods her path fearlessly.

I am a butterfly woman. A woman who is in constant growth and expansion.


I am a whisperer woman, the one who speaks to spirits.

I am a gatekeeper woman, a woman of sacred knowledge.

Keeper of the Earth Mother.


I am a divine woman, a woman of grace, a woman of reverence.

I am a wisdom keeper woman.

A lineage healer woman, a wise woman of spirit.




April 13, 2019 by Lijana Kikilasvili 



Intention Setting For Your Best Day



Setting intentions for your best new day:


Today is a great day. Today is a new day, new dawn, a new chance to create the change I wish to experience in my life.


I am going into the world, stepping through this new day, creating this day, full of joy, full of happiness, full of inspiration, full of wonder, full of miracles and blessings, full of valuable insights, full of wonderful, extraordinary new beginnings, opportunities, possibilities and people.


Today I vibrate at a different frequency than yesterday. Today is an amazing day.


As I walk through this day, I am aligned and connected with my inner being, my inner Source of all that is. As I walk through this day, together we co-create a day where infinite abundance makes itself evident with every breath and step that I take. Today all great things flow to and through me effortlessly.


Today is a great day. I am excited to start this new day!


Thank you, make it so!



April 12, 2019 by Lijana Kikilasvili



How to Re-Align Yourself



Have you ever felt as if you have lost the touch with your inner being?


Have you ever felt that you have lost the passion for things that were so close to your heart, just because you didn't know how to go about things?


Have you ever been in the position were you decided to continue falling down the pit, because you were exhausted, you felt it in your bones?


Have you ever tried smiling to every adversity, blow and rock thrown at you, but you lost it there where was that gap, somewhere in between moment when a thing hits you and your thought spiral that follows right after that (17 sec window)?


This is what you've created during that 17 sec window gap that became active right after your reaction to life responding to you, mostly, almost always because of your thoughts during that 17 sec window gap!


You can wipe your slate clean if you grasp yourself during that 17 secs.




Give yourself a few mins to quiet your saturated mind, in this moment you can align yourself back to your inner Source and pick up the conscious creative process from there.


Give yourself a chance.


Life will always bring you contrasts so you can learn to master your vibration to deliberate allowance through law of attraction - that's Conscious Creation.


When things does not work the way you wish to, it is because you keep on bouncing into the vibration that you are currently operating on.


Override autopilot - Raise Your Frequency!


When you vibrate higher, your thought flow is different, i.e. the incoming thoughts are of higher frequency, which will have answers to your questions you've been looking for - that's co-creation with your inner being.


Everything is going to be great. Keep moving forward.


You are loved beyond measure!



April 5, 2019 by Lijana Kikilasvili



Come as One but Stand as 10.000



What does it mean to Come as One but Stand as 10.000?


Dear one,


It may seem like you are all alone on your quest navigating the dense oceans of life, striving for the better, searching for answers in this world.


Let me remind you that - before you came down to Earth, you were trained by some of the highest and best Masters for you to voyage and experience this mission you are on.


When you were born to journey on planet Earth, legions of angels were assigned to stand by you at all times.


As an extension of Source energy of all that is, your soul chose its temple to incarnate. This also means that there are two beings that must operate as one to experience harmony.


As you walk the path of your ancestors here and now, they are walking alongside you all day, every day, and at all times.


Many past life helpers came down with you so you can carry out the mission you chose together. Your Higher Self and Soul's Council were with you and still are operating above the seat of your soul, guiding and counseling you at all times.


Earth angels and special spirit friends of many realms stepped forward to assist you before you came here and now they are, they walk alongside you.


The Source of all that is, the energy that animates your being, was never cut off nor it will ever be - you are it!


You may feel all by yourself, but look within you, then look around you and you'll see how many light beings, protectors, assistants, master healers, animal guides, and other star beings who may be your soul tribe and even your soul family pod (your true soul origin) to which you originally belong to, are standing with you at all times, all day and night, even in the astral!


You are never alone!


You came as one but you'll always stand as 10.000!


Step forward fearlessly, for the legions of light warriors support you with every breath that you take! You are always supported by the Universe.


Ah Seh Tuu Nah-Ki Yeh Tii Ah Kah Yah (Arcturian Light Language)



April 1, 2019 by Lijana Kikilasvili



Love Dwells Here



Happy to meet you. I love you so much!


Love dwells here.


Love has never left you, for you are love. Love dwells within your being and emanates the greater love that you are. There is an infinite sea of love for you here flowing to and through your humanness. You are loved far beyond your self-imposed limitations.


Love is the essence of who you are dwelling within you. You never lack love stop looking away, stop looking to the side, look inside you. It is there, you know.


Just a simple thought:


For you to be healthy, your body needs to work selflessly, consciously, and in harmony. And your cells bring that harmony together. They work in synchronicity with the Universe. Oh, that's love, honey, that is love dwelling within every fiber of your being that's love in action.


Love dwells here, so get used to it!



March 15, 2019 by Lijana Kikilasvili



Focus on Your Good Feelings



Whenever it is hard for you to focus on your good feelings, it is an indicator that you are out of whack.


Imagine yourself standing below a huge waterfall.


Bathe yourself in these flowing, infinite waters of pure Source energy.


Become one with it. It is flowing and abundant, it is infinite, it is love. Love and greatness emanating and permeating your being, you are it! The all-loving pool of consciousness, the creation of all that is.


Here, you are back to your center.


Now go and create from this space, and from this space, all is going to flow effortlessly!



March 14, 2019 by Lijana Kikilasvili



Be an Embodiment of Source Energy



It feels great to be alive in these exciting times of change. All is well in my life right now.


I am in alignment with the Source of all that is. All of me is One with the Creator.


I am grateful for a given opportunity to embody the Source and co-create a joyful earthly experience via my physical vessel. I am a living, breathing miracle!


I love my life. And my life responds to the love that I consciously emanate into the Universe just by being true to who I am!


Sometimes, the only thing that is needed for you to advance on your path is to BE.


Being-ness is an embodiment of Source energy! Just be, be your authentic best version of yourself because everyone else is already taken.


To be an embodiment of Source energy is a co-creation process as you are in sync with your inner you – the Source of all that is!


Be. Breathe. Live



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