Powerful Stories of Love, Courage & Transformation


Co-authored book with the international best selling author Alicia Mcbride


When highly sensitive empaths join together to share their battles, their losses, their wins, through their personal stories, they bring forth a powerful message of change and healing to the world. 


How often do you hear that you are too sensitive to everything and that you need to toughen up? You probably don't know that your sensitivity is a gift and often feel that the whole world is on your shoulders. You are not alone! There are others like you that share this sensitivity, and that your strongest power in this life is the gift of feeling. 


It takes courage to feel your way through!


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Excellent reviews:


"This book is amazing. Just the first few pages I said to myself I can relate to these beautiful souls. Every story had a unique foundation to its core that gave meaning to pain and love. The story that stood out for me the most was from “All You Need Is Love” This story made me tear. It was truly a transformational story at its best. -W.S.-"


"“All You Need Is Love” is a story of triumph because in those moments of the pits of hell, you taught yourself to ask the questions. This is mindfulness. You are showing the personal steps of what you do to ground. This will help any fledgling empath. Nicely penned. -T.C.-"


"Something I really appreciated were concise pieces of advice in the different stories and bits of wisdom that can be applied to everyday life. In All You Need is Love by Lijana Kikilasvilli, “Empaths need to learn healthy boundaries. We need to decompress daily and go out in nature as much as possible.”, and, “My lesson was to observe and not absorb. To allow others to explore their path." This is my personal favorite chapter overall for both storytelling and process with excellent clarity. -J.L.-"


"This book has helped me to understand that being an empath is a gift and not a curse, it is a gravitational pull towards love and the heart and will make an excellent read for anyone who is beginning their path.



"This book helped me to be more mindful of what I’m taking in and how it’s coming out. I learned that it’s okay to rest if that’s what my body requires. That I’m not going insane or agoraphobic but that my body is adjusting to new more profound sensitivities. I learned that I’m not alone, that I can reach out at any time to talk to someone going through this. The book was descriptive and personal."



“Chicken soup for the empath soul.” –Desiree Scott

The Empath Effect - Stories of Love, Courage and Transformation

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