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Lemurian Sound Healing chambers.  


The sacred land of Mu (Lemuria) is calling you to connect deeper to your essence and the original template of your soul. The Lemurian Council of the Elders and the temple of the Golden Light welcomes you.


This sound chamber combines the light frequencies of Lemuria, in the underwater healing chambers connecting you to the dolphins, the guardians of the golden and white ray. The Keepers of the crystal wisdom and the sacred information encoded in the leylines of the Earth.


Effects of this sound chamber that you may experience during and after the immersion:


✔AI code dissolution


✔Implant, Cap, Seal, and Entity removal


✔DNA repair and reprogramming


✔Full reconnection to the original light body temple template


✔Resetting of the thought patterns that feed the parasitic energy


✔Reconnection to the authentic soul pod (family) you belong to


✔Personal Lemurian Protection/Healing Chamber (LPHC) activation (within/around your luminous fields)


✔Energy reversal technology removal (previously installed to leech off your vital force)


✔Light Plasma Protective shield activation


✔Inner healing initiation, ascension symptom suppression


✔Cellular repair


✔Rise in higher frequency octave


Lemurian/Atlantean memories may come back to you in visions, feelings, sounds, etc. I suggest that you take notes, allow the integration after the immersion, and listen to your body/intuition attentively for the follow up messages that will come to you in every form that you are susceptible to receive, at your own pace/level of awareness.


Sound Chamber #1- Underwater (full version) 

by Lijana Kikilasvili





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