✨You have a voice. You are responsible for what you hold on to, for what you decide to hold on to. You are responsible for letting go of the string that cut you deeply. You are responsible for forgiving yourself for not knowing any better.


Taking responsibility is part of your healing process.


Do what you can, with what you have, right where you are, and start now.


Do it in a safer space, a space that is made just for that. A space where you can drop a mask of silence, to reveal the wisdom and the sound of medicine within.


✨️To support your being as a whole, to witness yourself and others, to observe your inner world, to connect to your roots, to unearth the song of your medicine, to give and receive the healing for your lineage, to be in the power of the feminine...


With the help of all the loving forces of the Universe. I will be facilitating your journeying experience during the Women's Circle.


🌸As the Divine Feminine rises to bring back balance and harmony, we are here to work together as she blesses us bountifully with the fertile soil that we once were planted in. We've grown from past experiences and in the present it is time to sprout, to open our petals in beautiful colors.


Let's feel, let's heal, let's evolve, let's create. 


✨️Dream with the Great dream, breathe it and weave it into being.


Stellar blessings,

 How long does it take:




Date + time:


Sunday April 2 2023


8 pm (Paris time), you can check your local time here.


What is the price:




*No refunds will be issued*  


Thank you for registering for Women's Circle below! 


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