Lijana Kikilasvili is an empath, she feels to help you heal. Internationally best-selling author, shamanic facilitator, medicine woman, and spirit scribe. Trained by Dr. Steve G. Jones (Ph.D.) and Cyndi Dale (award-winning energy healer, intuitive, and international best-selling author). She holds a certification in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) &  life coaching.


For almost a decade, her expertise in Holistic/Alternative medicine, continue touching many hearts across the globe. Her clients often say "your work is powerful"! As a result, she facilitates inner healing, emotional, trauma, and pain release through a soul-embracing journey.  


From storm to a divine hurricane, I've anchored my most authentic gifts with the intention of helping all living beings.


This is the mission of my life. I am honored to respond to my soul's call.


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