Lijana Kikilasvili is an empath, she feels to help you heal. Internationally best-selling author, shamanic facilitator, medicine woman, and spirit scribe. Trained by Dr. Steve G. Jones (Ph.D.) and Cyndi Dale (award-winning energy healer, intuitive, and international best-selling author). She holds a certification in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) &  life coaching.


For almost a decade, her expertise in Holistic/Alternative medicine, continue touching many hearts across the globe. Her clients often say "your work is powerful"! As a result, she facilitates inner healing, emotional, trauma, and pain release through a soul-embracing journey. 




Or simply:


 Attuning  You Back To Love!



Hey there,


I'm looking for people who want to unleash their inner fire to shine their way through this voyage they call Life.


Are you in?!



From a storm to a divine hurricane, I've anchored my most authentic gifts with the intention of helping all living beings.


This is the mission of my life. I am honored to respond to my soul's call.


Let's work together, it will be fun! Schedule your free call, let's have a chat! 


P.S. chat with me here or message me via the contact form below, I will be delighted to hear your story.


Stellar Blessings,   




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