Lijana Kikilasvili is an empath, she feels to help you heal.


Internationally best-selling author, shamanic facilitator, medicine woman, and spirit scribe. She holds a certification in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) & life coaching. Always eager to qualify herself to deepen her knowledge and learn new techniques, Lijana is currently undergoing a master herbalist accredited diploma course to weave into her healing modalities as a medicine woman.


With fourteen years of experience in Holistic/Alternative medicine, her expertise continues to touch many hearts across the globe.

Her clients often say "Your work is powerful"! As a result, she facilitates inner healing through a soul-embracing journey. Helping you to learn about the spirit of the illness (if you are ill), assisting you in psychosomatic trauma release, bringing forth the medicine and the voice of your soul.


She has co-authored and published a book for empaths called The Empath Effect - Powerful Stories of Love, Courage, and Transformation. This book has reached #1 on Amazon within 24 hrs of its official release, and is endorsed by Sunny Dawn Johnston

Psychic Medium & Author of "Invoking the Archangels" and "The Love Never Ends"




You can purchase the book below.

Lijana is also an artist. Her intuitive #21spiritart was published in the PSYCHIC NEWS MAGAZINE (UK) April's issue 2022, where she speaks about her psychic journey throughout her life.



This is the mission of my life. I am honored to respond to my soul's call.


From a simple storm to a divine hurricane, I've anchored my most authentic gifts as a medicine woman to help dream and weave the new world into being!


We are our ancestors' greatest dreams, they support the luminous net of life for us to become excellent dreamers. We never walk alone, and the Great Dream is now.


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