By healing yourself, you heal your whole lineage!


Every person you meet on your path carries some trauma, is in pain, or suffers from anxiety, stress, and chronic fatigue. This person could also be you. That's why we are here to help you throughout your healing process. It is a journey, and you are not alone!


You are welcome to reach out to us in whatever way that is comfortable for you.


4096 Hz, 4160Hz, and 4225Hz  are used to

harmonize and attune your whole being to the angelic frequencies.

One of the frequencies cannot work without the other,

so all three are used to create harmony, and also help you heal at a cellular level.



*Do not listen while driving or operating machinery*


What  do you struggle with?





Using a plethora of safe and proven techniques such as:


Shamanism, Reiki, Quantum therapy, Sound therapy, NLP, EFT, Meditation, Dowsing, Prayer and Incantation, Light Code Downloads + Activation, Spirit Channeling, Scalar Waves.


*We will support your healing process in the areas of:


Personal Development, Soul's Purpose/Mission, Emotional Liberation, Stress and Anxiety Relief, Trauma Relief, General Well-Being, Healing, Cord Cutting, Fire Cutting, Protection, Attachment/Entity/Etheric object Removal, Aura/Chakra Clearing and Balance,

Light Body (Merkaba) Activation, DNA Repair/Activation. 


*Disclaimer: I am not a physician, and I do not diagnose, treat patients medically, or prescribe medication.  Energy healing/Spiritual counseling is non-medical and does not replace in any way the diagnosis and follow-up of your physician. Our sessions should be used as complementary care only.




I am sure that you have tons of questions by now. That's great, I'd love to have a chat with you.

Grab yourself a *cuppa and inbox me your request. Questions are absolutely FREE!


*means cup of tea in informal British 😁






Do you tend to absorb the emotions/energies from other people and your environment? Do you have a hard time differentiating between what's yours and what isn't? Do you need a cord cutting and protection to help you throughout the day? Empowerment sessions for Empaths will help you address all of the above and more, inlcuding your intuition, your body messages, and how to listen to them. So you can live your life as the one who observes but not absorbs!


When you go through changes, or experience difficulties in your life, your home tends to accumulate the energetic residue, that you emit into your surroundings. Everything from thoughts to actions is energy, and the flow of that energy can be blocked by negativity that you carry. Your home atmosphere feels heavy, your sleep is disrupted, and overall relaxation at your home is almost impossible. Clearing your space will help you restore balance, harmony, and usher in uplifting energies into your home.


The purpose of holistic healing is to help balance the vital energy flow within you. Which will improve your overall well-being and bring relief to anxiety, stress, fatigue, and even depression. Can be used to complement conventional medicine or therapy. 


It is a safe and effective way of bringing balance into your body, mind, and spirit. 



You have many questions about your life, your relationships, or the next best steps to take, decisions to make, etc. You need guidance to help you move through life with more ease and grace.


Seeking out divine guidance, and help from your spirit guides will help you overcome obstacles, and understand the life lessons that you are here to learn. 

Empaths make up from 1-2% of the entire population! Did you know that empaths are natural healers?  


When highly sensitive empaths join together to share their battles, their losses, their wins, through their personal stories, they bring forth a powerful message of change and healing to the world.


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Born with a gift of feeling, healing one breath at a time!


Who is Lijana Kikilasvili?




Here I am, long after a crushing depression and attempt at suicide, a mom to a 15-year-old who traveled the world and healed herself. But not right away. I had to refuse to drink, eat, smoke, sleep or drug away my pain. Running away was not an option, and so I sat with it.


I made friends with my pain, only to learn that its name was grief! I allowed myself to feel to heal. You can read more here.


I do look back and wonder if it was all a dream only to see how far I've come and that it was worth it! Do you know what I believe? That you can do it too. Yes, you. The hard truth is that the pain is part of the process, the suffering is a choice, and that there is no end until you've had enough! 


I've been there, and I needed help, but I couldn't find the kind of help that worked for me. Yup! I wished there was a version of me who'd come to my rescue, but you know what? There was. I only needed to look deeper. Great news, the journey I've been through has put me on a path of healing. And I am here to help you!


I am currently offering distance empowerment sessions for empaths, and distance energy healing. I also offer oracle guidance to help bring clarity to you, and distance space clearing to help you feel better in your environment. Because let's be honest, your home is you, and an energetically charged/cluttered home isn't a healthy place for you to dwell.


Listen closely, we can have a short chat, and then you can decide whether to work with me or not. Inbox me here so we can schedule your Free call.


*You can also chat with me here!


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