By healing yourself, you heal your whole lineage!


"Every person you meet on your path carries some trauma, is in pain, or suffers from anxiety, stress, and chronic fatigue. You have to be willing to drop the heavy weight from your shoulders in order to travel light. You are far more powerful than you give yourself credit for." -LK-



  I accompany you in different stages of your life


In our sessions we may address one or more of the following:


Spirit of an Illness, Emotional Liberation, Stress and Anxiety Relief, Trauma Relief, General Well-Being, Healing, Cord Cutting, Fire Cutting, Protection, Attachment/Entity/Etheric object Removal, Luminous Field (Aura)/Chakra Clearing and Balance, Light Body (Merkaba) Activation,

DNA Repair/Activation, Personal Development, Soul's Purpose/Mission. 


My Transformational Toolbox


Shamanism, Reiki, Quantum therapy, Sound therapy, NLP, EFT, Meditation, Dowsing, Prayer and Incantation, Light Code Downloads + Activations, Spirit Transmissions (channeling).


-Lijana Kikilasvili


*Disclaimer: I am not a physician, and I do not diagnose, treat patients medically, or prescribe medication.  Energy healing/Spiritual counseling is non-medical and does not replace in any way the diagnosis and follow-up of your physician. 

Our sessions should be used as complementary care only. 


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What  do you struggle with?

Some modalities aren't available yet, click the image to see the availabilities.

Coming in April 2024!

Coming in April 2024!


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We need to pray for one another. We need to pray for Pachamama. We need to pray for the ancestors. We need to pray for our world is in desperate need of love. And in desperate need of healing. Through prayer we call forth the grace of the Creator. We invite compassion to our hearts. We give way for floodgates of miracles to open. 


Pray with devotion and unwavering faith.

Bring forth the wisdom of grandmothers, lay your spiritual tools infront of you and pray. 

Make spiritual warrior closet in your home, in your yard and call it a sanctuary, or altar. 


Pray and ask for assistance of the highest benevolent forces of the Universe.

Pray for the net of light to support you and those you pray for.


No need for lamentation or elaborated words. Keep it simple.

Breathe soul into your prayer. Pray in ceremony, in honoring all life.

Pray for balance and harmony to be restored.


Dance and drum, chant and rattle, weep if it is called for. Pray brothers, pray sisters. Pray.


May the eternal fire burn within you.

May it transmute and transform all conflict within you and around you.

May you walk on your path, even in darkness and walk out the other side unscathed.


Bring in your sacred medicine, bring in your inner power, bring in your light. 

You are desperately needed here and now. 


In Lak'ech ala k'in


Lijana Kikilasvili 




Spark Holistic Therapies 


When walking your talk becomes a ceremony and a way of life. Not just blah, blah, but the real deal. The container of wisdom who've been through the ugly and the dark, the hot and the cold.

Someone who has come out on the other side whole in their power, holding the knowledge

to share it in love, through love, and with love.


I am out of intense shadow work, out into the light to integrate the pieces of wisdom. 


I sit in the presence of fire, the fire of transformation, healing, and liberation. The journey, the wisdom of death and rebirth. The power of shadow work and integration. When your healer or therapist sits in a therapy or healing session for themselves, know that they hold the wisdom and sacred space in the circle for you.


Come and join me in the circle as part of the community. Together, we create a safe and sacred space and support one another. Show up as you are, in your bare soul. 


We hear you. We feel you. We see you.



In Lak'ech ala k'in


Lijana Kikilasvili 





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Born with a gift of feeling, healing one breath at a time!


Who is Lijana Kikilasvili?




Here I am, long after a crushing depression and attempt at suicide, a mom to a healthy teenager who traveled the world and healed herself. But not right away. I had to refuse to drink, eat, smoke, sleep or drug away my feelings. 


I made friends with my pain, only to learn that its name was grief! I allowed myself to feel to help me heal. You can read more here.


The hard truth is that the pain is part of the process, the suffering is a choice, and that there is no end until you've had enough! 


The journey I've been through has put me on a path of healing. And I am here to help you!


I am offering distance empowerment sessions for empaths, and distance energy healing. I also offer oracle guidance to help bring clarity to you, and distance space clearing to help you feel better in your environment. 


Got questions? I might have an answer, feel free to inbox me here, schedule your free 20 min call here or chat with me here.


With Love,


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