The purpose of holistic healing is to help balance the vital energy flow within you, which will improve your overall well-being and bring relief to anxiety, stress, fatigue, and even depression. 


When used to complement conventional medicine or therapy, energy healing can assist one in treating physical imbalances, emotional blockages, and pain relief. Bringing more relaxation, support to the immune system, and raise your vibration. Everyone can benefit from holistic healing.


It is a safe and effective way of bringing balance into your body, mind, and spirit.  



Final Price: 66,00 €

Do you experience anxiety, stress, chronic fatigue, or pain? Are you ungrounded, and feel out of balance?


The shamanic healing will help you to come back to your center, while balancing your subtle energy systems, bringing the relief and restoration to your being. This session will assist you in facilitating the emotional healing, to help shift anything that is "stagnant" in your body, mind and spirit. You'll feel more balanced, relieved of stress, fatigue and experience the overall well-being that you so deserve! You will be tuned into the heart-beat of the Mother Earth.



Duration 1h 

RAINBOW LIGHT ® Quantum Energy Healing

Rainbow Light® quantum healing is a channeled Arcturian healing modality. It is highly recommended for Starseeds, and available to everyone.

Final Price: 66,00 €

Do you experience common ascension symptoms such as digestive changes, sudden sensitivities or allergies, headaches, palpitations, disrrupted sleep, appetite loss or increase, aches and pains, dizziness, ear ringing, etc? 


Ascension is a recalibration of your whole being on every level which can be challenging to your system. Rainbow Light® Quantum healing will help alleviate all of the above symptoms, will also balance and clear your subtle energy system. This will help in anchoring more light into your cells, activating DNA codes and Merkabah (your light body), will help remove any attachments, seals, caps, or etheric objects. You will feel an energetic and emotional shift, bringing you back into your heart space. 



Duration: 1h       


Final Price: 33,00 

Do you lack energy, feel tired, or want to improve your vitality? Clearing and balancing your chakras and auric fields will assist in raising your frequency, bringing harmony to your body, mind and spirit. It will improve your vital energy flow, help you ground into your body, alleviate stress, and help with relaxation.


You'll experience overall well-being and clarity of mind, which will help you focus on living your best life!




Duration: 30 min  




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