What is a vision quest and how to do it?


A vision quest is a practice to open a conversation with Spirit. It is a two-way path, where you initiate contact with the invisible, and then witness a response given to you. And you receive that information through the instrument that is your whole body. It is a practice of trust and reciprocity. 


The purpose of a vision quest or a journey within is to help you connect deeper with yourself and with the Universe. You may use it to retrieve information, gain insight, experience deeper relaxation, and return to your sacred heart space. A space where everything is possible, a space for healing, and liberation, a sacred space where miracles dwell.


Below, I will guide you through the practice of a vision quest.


The best place to start your vision quest is in nature, where you can BE somewhere safe, quiet and uninterrupted. You can ask the Spirit to reveal such place for you, or ask to be guided to it while you are outdoors. When you deploy your intuition, you won't need to ask yourself if this is the right place for you, you'll feel, and know with an unwavering "yes" type of feeling that you've reached your vision quest destination.


If there is a reason that you cannot access such space outdoors, a vision quest can be performed at home. Choose your indoor space, clean it, cleanse it, purify it (just like you do before receiving guests). Add natural elements to it, adorn it with plants, etc. You may choose to light a candle, or play relaxing nature sounds, use a shamanic drum, a rattle, or even a feather. 


When ready, sit in that space, radiate all the love from within, and ask the Spirit to show you, to guide you, to teach you, or answer a certain question for you. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and dive into your heart. Find your focal point to center you once you feel that you are getting distracted by resurfacing thoughts. 


"I did that and I did not see anything, does that mean I did not do it right?"


No, that means that you received, and registered the information by other means. Your whole sytem is an instrument. That is why I suggest you take note on shapes, forms, imagery, words, sounds, textures, colors, objects, movement, odors, and even tastes. Note your feelings, contractions or expansions in the muscles, in the heart, in the belly, in the throat, ears, and head; do you feel the density, or the lightedness, maybe your aura feels expanded and pulsating, tingling in your extremities, etc.


Only you can interpret whatever that comes forth during and after your vision quests, as signs, symbols, visions are usually personal to the receiver. However, if you have a trusted, medicine person (shaman/healer) who may help you with an extra insight, then call forth that person. He or she is trained for vision quests, and their respected expertise can bring out the key pieces that you may have missed or not sure how to interpret them.

Keep a journal for every detail of your quest, and revisit your notes regularly. You will notice that some details stand out more than others. You will gain extra understanding about your vision, and the answers may pop-up there where you did not expect.


Do not limit yourself to how and what you should experience during this practice, keep and open mind, and heart.


Also, a vision quest can be performed for you by a medicine person. 


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P.S. In my practice, I also use a vision quest to connect with the Spirit of Illness. What message does it have to communicate to you? Why did it manifest in your body? What is the lesson behind the illness and the pain you might be going through?


Stellar blessings and happy quest,

Lijana Kikilasvili



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